I just can't seem to get enough. The more I have, the more I want. But that's okay, because this is America™. Every time that I get something new, I play with it for a while, until I get bored with it or break it. Then I let it sit, in disrepair, for the longest time. I may come back to it later, as it becomes novel again. But the luster fades even more quickly the second time around. Don't even mention the third time. There is very rarely a third time. This same mentality leads me to only occasionally vote and to piss my paycheck down the drain over and over again.

I have little to show for all I've done. That fact doesn't hurt as much as it should, however. There is always more. The second my attention wanders, there is something to replace it. A new fad, a new song, a new television show to shift the focus of my life. To be introspective is to be dead. To be anything less than completely self centered is a weakness. If what I have, what I am, and what I dream are not enough for me, I can shed my skin and become the next in a series of selves that I have stacked in the closet. I don't have to save. I won't be around that long. Not long at all. Once I lose resolution, I remove myself. The good news is that I don't envy. I don't covet. I don't lie. When I see something that I want, it is suddenly mine. I lead a charmed life. Everything I say becomes truth in the listeners ear.

You know the truth. You know that without me, and everyone like me, this great country would fall to ruin. My castoffs become others selves. The lost will pick up where I left off in a life and continue. My wasteful nature keeps everyone working. It keeps our economy afloat.

I am born out of the nuclear age. Born of experimentations on the populous that are so secret, double blind conspiracy, that I appear normal to the average person. As I walk among the crowds, I burn brightly, but everyone is unaware. These horrible things, which we are, happen to be the byproduct of much successful twisting of the human existence. Technology has been forced down our throat and those that are not immune have passed away into a dull reality, loosed on the planet with no ambition. Much of the rest are the future controllers of the generations. Evil people, torn apart and put back together by evil people. A great mass containing heads of industry, religious figures, scientific minds and political leaders. A collusion.

The few who fall through the cracks, though deformed and disabled, are the bright burners. With no one to control us, but no real control over our selves, we are no more than the wind. Like the wind, we have a large store of potential energy that many would like to harness. So far no one has.

I speak for all of us. We are the driving force. We are the lack of control. We have no peers beyond ourselves. We cannot stop.

We are in.dustry...

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